#RecordsOpenSecretsEpisode07: Sia, Kendrick Lamar and God Desire The Best From You

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Sia and Kendrick Lamar: Photo Credits: Null

On this special episode of Records Open Secrets, we write you into one of Sia's compelling records, off the deluxe version of her seventh studio album "This Is Acting" (2016).

She sings intensely in between the bouncy sonic instrumentation made with elements of electro-pop, which weaves through and should also awaken a listener's consciousness and drive them through the process of manifesting greatness to the world in which they find themselves.

Sia doesn't want an individual to feel there's a restriction in their capability or capacity to what they can achieve. She also understand and expressed the freedom in being whatever or whomever you desire running through the waves of God's Love.

While Sia sang about the good one can become, she also addressed hindrances, because it is in them that stand as a stumbling block for people chasing a purpose or a desire to impact human lives, positively.

They might hit an obstacle perhaps so hard it knocks them, then they give up on the vision God has given them. Sia's "The Greatest" becomes an intentional effort to affect and re-frame people's perspective towards the dream God has shown them. They are free to be the change-makers on any angle wherever they might find themselves notwithstanding the circumstances or whatsoever.

Upon the successful creation of the record, Sia also had the legendary American rapper on the track, Kendrick Lamar, who dished the kind of effort reminiscent to expatiating the whole idea which Sia portrays through the music. Kendrick's effort reveals a hard truth talking about the critics and let down which would fire at us yet, we shouldn't allow them to weigh us down. Kendrick Lamar believes after crossing it all, a reward awaits, he desires your lacer kind of focus on the prize.

In conclusion, Sia wants you to understand you can be the greatest alive and it is the same reason God has created us all, to manifest dimensions of his greatness in all the Earth and let him alone have his glory.

Created by: Agwuma Kingsley



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