#BigBrotherNaija: Nini Reveals Her Virginity Status, Explains That She Is Afraid Of Getting Pregnant By ‘The Holy Spirit’

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#BigBrotherNaija: Nini

BB Naija housemate, Anita Singh popularly known as Nini has revealed that though she is a virgin, she often gets pregnancy scares.

#BigBrotherNaija: Nini

Nini revealed this while having a conversation with Cross at the Saturday house night party, she said she had the fear of getting pregnant by immaculate conception just like the Virgin Mary. Cross had accused her of not being her real self in the house.

#BigBrotherNaija: Cross

He said: “You have to understand that I believe that you have my back and I have your back. I believe that you aren’t being your real self in this house. Like you keep giving us half side of you not the full side.

"But anything you tell me, I’ll believe and can go with it. So tell me the truth have you had sex with Saga?"

 Nini had replied: "I am a virgin. I said I’m a virgin. Is it your virginity? You don’t know me well enough to be sure that I’m not. What do you want me to tell you. Like yesterday, I had pregnancy scare before my period came and I have had pregnancy scare seven times ever since I came to this house. Because sometimes, just like Mary got pregnant by Immaculate conception, I used to be scared it could happen to me."



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