[Lyrics] Steves J. Bryan - 'I Don't Care' Feat. Sandro Martelly

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Steves J. Bryan - 'I Don't Care' Feat. Sandro Martelly Song Lyrics


El Ultimo Steves J Bryan 

Ou pap pa vin Haiti pou’w pa konnen’m

[Verse 1]

A lot Of Speculation bout my position 

Like did he even go to school for what he's doing 

It's hard to believe at 18 I've influenced 

This young generation and I'm spontaneous 

Like no hesitation, always going up elevation 

Always dress fly like I'm going outta space man! 

I mean come on man you gotta love it 

I had a plan from the gecko, I didn't let go 

I've settle with my soul and kept it straight like my sexual 

Orientation, no time to waste man 

Haters can't slow me down I'm too fast in this race man.


I don’t care – I don’t care 

I don’t give a damn – I don’t care 

Kitemele dada’m – I don’t care 

I don’t give a shit – I don’t care 

Konpa m’ap lage – I don’t care 

Fanatik yo renmenm – I don’t care 

Mwen son’w bèl gason – I don’t care 

Mwen multi millionaire – I don’t care

[Verse 2]

Isi Sandro Martelly AKA T-Micky 

M’avèk Steves sou track sa poun fe medame yo plezi 

Tout je sou nou y’anvi souse'n kou pirouli 

Tout kote’n pase tout moun vle aprochenn 

Boutey ap pete medam yo ap vole 

Yo telman kontan yo tout vle attache 

Sèmante tout sak sou yo se pou nou li ye 

Yo steves


Sovaj ooo micky sovaj ooo – se konsa nou ye 

Lè y’atake’n nou pi sovaj o


[Verse 3]

My middle finger way high in the air 

A lot of gossip but why would I care 

Paying attention will only slow me down 

Get me down I rise above the flow of your hate I can’t be drown 

I mean I’m beyond I be on the scene 

I pee on you fakes your girl she on my dick I lean 

You see wrong I sit on the thrown I’m king 

Doing my thing now say it loud 

I deserve a crown 

I run this town 

I’m the best around 

I’m the life of the party I stay up when it goes down!

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